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10 Tips To Make You A Better Hunter

1. Don't smell so much!

If deer smell a human odor, they will stay away. Shower with scent-free soap before a hunting trip, and keep your clothes sealed in a bag with leaves and dirt. This will allow you to blend in to the natural environment you are hunting in.

2. Get your walking legs ready.

Park at least 200 yards from the entry to your hunting site. You don't want to scare the deer and let them know you're there, by making too much noise. 

3. Wait, if you make a sound! 

If you make a loud noise, don't continue to move if you think deer are close by. The deer might hear it and look for you, but if it doesn't see you, it might let it's guard down and go back to doing whatever it was doing. 

4. Mark your spot.

If you need to leave your spot to stalk an animal and come up from behind, make note of your surroundings. Particularly, objects that can be seen from afar, like a large tree, so you don't lose your place and get lost. That can happen fairly easily, if you're not careful. 

5. Be the squirrel! 

It's a good idea to use squirrel calls to disguise your movements. Also, imitating squirrel movements can be very helpful. Try taking quick steps in a short sprint. Keep your feet light, and you can sound very similar to a squirrel. 

6. Look from above.

Aerial photos are great scouting aids. Research aerial photos of your hunting area in Google Maps. 

7. Find food and thick cover.

Finding cover near food or water sources is an ideal location during midday. 

8. Wear tick repellent!

I can't stress this enough. Ticks can carry some nasty diseases. Wear tick repellent, so these little pests don't ruin your hunting season. 

9. Skip lunch!

Especially as the rut approaches, big bucks are on the move at noon, looking for a doe. Be patient, and you may get a change to catch the buck of your life!

10. Don't be shy.. Call, call, call! 

The rut is the time to get aggressive. Bucks are roaming constantly, so you know there's a good chance that a buck will be within earshot. So call em' over, and don't be shy. At this time of the season, it's not possible to overcall.


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